Odin's Court

2015/09/03 - New Kickstarter: Get new music, shirts, signed items, and more by contributing to the latest Odin's Court Kickstarter!

2014/12/19 - Turtles All the Way Down: ODIN’S COURT is happy to announce that TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN will be released on 2015 March 3! This is a concept album of 13 tracks, including an "epic" 18 minute piece.

Anyone who preorders from this website will receive the album BEFORE the official street date! The album may be ordered in the band store.

Stay tuned for more news related to the album, including official videos, digital online sales, and more!

2013/09/01 - New Album News: ODIN’S COURT is happy to announce that THE WARMTH OF MEDIOCRITY will be released on ProgRock Records on 2013 November 5! There are samples on ProgRock Records website or the band's YouTube page.

Brookins explains how the album came together: “I’ve written a lot of new material that is currently being recorded. The next full release is planned to be finished in early 2014 for a release later that year. I am

super excited this new material; I think it is our strongest yet. However, with the addition of Dimetrius LaFavors on lead vocals, I just couldn’t wait another year to get something out. So I picked one new song, which is now the title track of the current release, and we recorded it for release this year. While we were at it, we went ahead and did some remix and remasters of select older songs and had Dimetrius add his vocals in there. I thought this would be nice to have at shows anyway, as I don’t want any fans walking away excited about a CD they purchased, only to discover it isn’t what you heard at the show.”

Brookins commented on what songs were selected from HUMAN LIFE IN MOTION: “Truthfully, I had originally started working on redoing more than just one track, but I scaled things back for several reasons. For one, HUMAN LIFE IN MOTION just came out in 2011, so it is still relatively new. I don’t want to diminish our efforts on that original album, as I think it was a noble effort and one many people may enjoy. Also, at the time I was picking songs to include on THE WARMTH OF MEDIOCRITY, I was thinking we would have old songs that we would be playing live, and I think we only had ‘Can’t Forgive Me’ in the setlist at that time. We have since added a few others to the set from this album, but by that point I wanted to focus on the brand new material rather than rehashing too much of the most recent album we’d released.”

Brookins commented on what songs were selected from DEATHANITY: “So this one was really tough! DEATHANITY was a very important album for us as a band. I think we had been struggling a lot with where to go after DRIVEN BY FATE, especially with identifying a good label with whom to team. When the album came out, we were very excited about it. All things considered, I am still happy with it from an artistic standpoint. Where I was a little less happy was with the overall sound sonically, though in context for our position at the time, it is still good. I’ve come a long way as an engineer and producer since then, so I wanted to represent a few songs a little better. So guitars were reamped, bass was recorded, keyboards were redone, and Dimetrius LaFavors was added on vocals. I always loved TONY KAKKO and TOM ENGLUND’S vocals on ‘Crownet’ and ‘Mammonific’ so they were included. ‘Manifest Destiny,’ ‘Animaulic,’ and ‘Volatilestilal’ have often been popular songs for us live, so they were also redone. And I had been really enjoying my Vienna Instruments libraries for other songs, so I couldn’t help but include the full orchestrated version of ‘Ode to Joy.’ If I had more time, maybe I would have redone the whole thing, but I think these 6 songs were good selections.”

Brookins commented on what songs were selected from DRIVEN BY FATE: “So I know I’ve posted and talked about this before, but I’ve been working on a ‘reboot’ of DRIVEN BY FATE since 2008! I go through cycles when I’ll remember about working on it, listening to my last progress, and getting excited about it again. In fact, Dimetrius LaFavors has done vocals for 4 or 5 songs I think. But ultimately, I always get distracted by new material, which being fresh and new, is much more appealing than working on a third – or in some cases fourth – version of songs I wrote in the 90s and first released in the early 2000s. Counting the original demo, DRIVEN BY FATE, REDRIVEN BY FATE, and even the DVD …COURT IS NOW IN SESSION, you can probably see why I may not be motivated to finish it! At any rate, it is closer than ever…whenever I finish the next new release, maybe I’ll finish this one too! In the meantime, THE WARMTH OF MEDIOCRITY release gave us a vehicle to at least put out some of the tunes, even if only a small amount. So similar to HUMAN LIFE IN MOTION, I originally went with the songs on our planned live setlist. Of course, some of that changed, but two of the four songs that were included are likely live songs – ‘Utopian Rust’ and “D2C’ if nothing else. And similar to ‘Ode to Joy,” I got super into my Vienna Instruments on a lot of the DRIVEN BY FATE reboots. Back in the late 90s, I had recorded an all instrumental version of Paradise Lost Chapters 1 and 2, soon followed by 3 and 4. My original plan back in the mid-90s was to do an entire album based on Milton’s epic, with a track corresponding to each chapter, and it would of course, be epic and completely orchestrated. Time always a factor, I couldn’t get all 4 of the current chapters done for this, but I did get 1 and 4. After putting the rest of the album together, Chapter 4 seemed out of place, so only Chapter 1 was included. But I do say, it gets me pumped every time I hear it! I think the full orchestration and the stripped down rock band really work well together!”

THE WARMTH OF MEDIOCRITY features 12 tracks including the title track, 1 song from HUMAN LIFE IN MOTION, 6 songs from DEATHANITY, and 4 songs from DRIVEN BY FATE.